Special Notice


On July 16th, 2013 at 6:30 PM, the Goleta West Sanitary District (Goleta West) will conduct a public hearing to consider the adoption of changes in sewer service charges.

If adopted, the new service charges would occur over the next six years and go into effect on August 1, 2013. All property owners will receive public notice by mail, with detailed information; it’s also available on our website here.

Goleta West’s sewer service charges have not increased since 1994.

These sewer service charges provide approximately 53% of Goleta West’s annual revenue and fund the majority of district operating expenses. Other sources of revenue include property taxes, connection fees, plan check fees and inspection fees.

Goleta West recently commissioned an independent Wastewater Cost of Service Rate Study to ensure that rates are fair and equitable to all users of the system. The Study reviewed all capital and operational costs, and evaluated the fairness of the existing rate structure for all customers; it recommends a restructuring of non-residential charges and a gradual increase in all service charges to ensure equity in the rate plan. The study is available on our website here.

Even after the proposed increase, Goleta West’s sewer service charges would continue to be among the lowest in the county.

The proposed service charge increases will address the following critical issues:

• Completion of the wastewater treatment plant upgrade and its increased operating costs

• Ensure adequate funding for planned system upgrades (click this link for details on our Capital Improvement Plan)

• Replace aging pipes, pump stations and other infrastructure to reduce the possibility of future pipeline breaks, leaks and emergency repairs

• Provide adequate reserves to meet operational requirements, and ensure that funds are available for unanticipated expenditures and emergency needs

• Ensure that rates are fair and equitable to all users of the system

Goleta West is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and protecting the public’s health and the natural environment; and we always welcome your input.

More information on the proposed sewer rates is also available by contacting us at (805) 968-2617. This information includes a copy of the detailed public notice sent to every property owner as well as the recently completed Wastewater Cost of Service Rate Study, which describes in detail the basis and rationale for the proposed charges. An overview of Study can be viewed here. Additionally, the entire Study can also be viewed at the Goleta West Office.

Documents Available:

Public Notice
Cost of Service Study (large file)
Cost of Service Study Overview (small file)
Residential Density Memorandum
Capital Improvement Plan